Firstly we wish to acknowledge the tireless efforts of the health professionals and those working feverishly
to keep everyone safe in this period of uncertainty. Our health system is second to none, and we are fortunate
to have such dedicated men and women on the front line day in day out and putting their own lives at risk to save others.
Our Cleaners are no different, we thank them for their cleaning diligence to ensure your health and safety.
Comfort Resort Blue Pacific is committed to providing a safe environment for all our guest and team members.
"Blue Pacific Clean" further enhances our existing cleaning standards and practices with upgraded protocols

to minimise risk for all.

In addition to our "Blue Pacific Clean" standards introduced in all guest Studios and Apartments, additional measures

Provision of antibacterial hand sanitizers throughout all public areas and Studios and Apartments

Systematic electrostatic sanitation throughout all public areas of Comfort Resort Blue Pacific with
DuroKleen long term antimicrobal surface protection, which provides up to 100 days of continuous,

powerful surface protection against Mould,Algae,Viruses and Bacteria.

Installation of a protection barrier at Reception.
Provision of face masks,gloves and antibacterial wipes if requested by Blue Pacific guests.
All staff members have completed mandatory COVID-19 awareness training,
in addition to reviewing all cleaning policies, procedures and checklists.
Implementation of frequent cleaning protocols across all public areas of Blue Pacific using DuroKleen.
Placement of social distancing guidance throughout Blue Pacific.